Minimal Maintenance

Our minimal-maintenance fish tanks are built to suit the hectic lives we have today. To stay relevant to the needs of our busy clients, UrbanSeas® invests in continual research towards creating ecologically balanced systems that can be sustained with as little help from us as possible. The freshwater or marine fish tank can then become as a living piece of art that creates a relaxing environment for homeowners to enjoy, instead of being something to toil over. As we like to say: you don’t do the cleaning, the fish will do it for you.


UrbanSeas® customizes bespoke aquariums where owners can specify as high a level of finishes that they desire. Each custom fish tank is individually crafted to satisfy specific needs and sophisticated tastes via in-depth personal consultation to thoroughly understand the client’s requirements and design intent for both home and office décor. We also specialize in combining aesthetics with function by incorporating, be it a home fish tank or an office fish tank, as pieces of unique furniture to complement their lifestyles and serve as focal points in the room.

Environmental Friendliness

If environmental friendliness is top on your priority list, one should look for professionals that respect the environment and play by the rules. In the case of UrbanSeas®, our ecologically balanced freshwater fish tanks are based on farm-bred freshwater fish and plants. Based on a reductivist approach, our ecologically balanced aquariums run on the most minimal and efficient of systems. This translates to fewer breakdowns, less clutter, and lower cost for the owner, not to mention a lower carbon footprint.

No Water Change™ Technique

Our beautifully lush aquascapes save precious resources by using UrbanSeas®’ No Water Change™ Technique. This proprietary technique can save you up to 600% of water compared to normal aquariums. It combines and balances the natural filtering ability of certain plants, the workings of microscopic bacteria inside our distinctive biological, chemical and mechanical filtration system, and the seemingly useless by-products of the fish to create a delicately balanced eco-system; in which algae will not form to cloud the water or grow on the plants, and the water remains crystal-clear.

Green Art

We live in an asphalt jungle, in increasingly shoebox-sized apartments where we yearn for some kind of a garden or pond in our tight living spaces, to no avail. More and more buildings are still being constructed with interior décor and architecture overloading on concrete, plastic, glass and steel. Combining our unique fish tank design, green technology and modern luxury, UrbanSeas® has a vision to bring life, movement and green into our city, expressed with sophistication and aesthetic understanding. We are in the business of building green worlds - unique habitats where natural elements exist in symbiosis.

UrbanSeas® aquariums exemplifies a new form of modern art that does not yet have a name. We call it Green Art. Combining nature and art, technology and design, this new form of art takes on nature and sustainability, while being pragmatic or functional. These verdant, glowing cubes naturally provides a focal point that brings both aquatic life and greenery into the room. Like an exquisite painting with a difference, the landscape is never the same each time you look at it. There is this contention sparked by Oscar Wilde as to whether 'life imitates art' or 'art imitates life'. In the case of an UrbanSeas® aquarium filled with fish and plants, aquatic life is art! Welcome this brand of living art through the Worlds conceived by UrbanSeas®.