A Self-Contained World


In the hectic asphalt environment that we live in, UrbanSeas® aquariums seek to introduce aquatic life and greenery into one's home. An UrbanSeas® planted aquarium portrays a lushly planted landscape that can be likened to an exquisite painting, but with one difference: the landscape is never the same each time one looks at it. This living work of art, comprised of fish and plants, slowly unfolds like a movie, and its ever-changing scenery is sure to keep observers captivated. 

Aquatic plants are the backbone of UrbanSeas’® ecologically balanced freshwater system. They are the builders of our self-sustaining worlds. These specifically selected plant species support good bacteria that convert harmful ammonia into nitrates, which then act as fertilizer for the plants themselves­—a beneficial cycle that balances the entire ecosystem.

Together with light and carbon dioxide, the plants produce food and oxygen (which the fish need)­—all of this while cleaning the water. Talk about a hardworking, multi-tasker.


UrbanSeas®’ services include customizing a mix of livestock that is unique to the each aquarium. The choice will be based on the client’s preferences for color, fish size, and active nature. Other factors for the sustainability for the eco-system like compatibility with other aquarium fish, hardiness, compatibility with plants etc. will also be taken into consideration.
Swimming in an all-natural biosphere, the fish are provided with a favorable environment for long, healthy lives. Amongst fish, there can be tales of tribal affiliations and rivalry, and even families being created. Observing fish idyllically going about their daily adventures brings about a sense of relaxation and can be very therapeutic.

However, UrbanSeas®’ fish are not mere ornaments, some of them are algae eaters and bottom feeders that make up our very own Cleaning Crew™. These seemingly nondescript critters will clean the tank for you so that you don’t have to do it yourself!


UrbanSeas®’ unique blend of organic, multi-layered soil mimics the natural goodness of a fertile riverbed. This special mixture contains essential nutrients such as iron, minerals, clay and trace elements that are released when required, keeping the aquatic plants lush and green, without the need for daily chemical fertilizers. It also does not contain phosphates and nitrates that cause algae growth.

Natural pebbles are layered over to lock in this long-lasting soil. Specialty driftwood that has been aged and does not stain the water, together with selected natural rocks, are then arranged to form the anchor pieces of the aquascape.


The biggest misconception, which more than 95% of the public has, is that owning freshwater fish tanks has to be a high maintenance activity that requires the troublesome chore of frequent water changes and endless cleaning. At UrbanSeas®, this is not the case. Our fuss free, minimal-maintenance aquariums are built to suit the busy lives we have today. The custom aquarium can then function as a living piece of art that creates a relaxing environment for homeowners to enjoy, instead of being something to toil over.

With the world’s natural resources running low, sustainability is truly important. An ordinary fish tank can end up being very wasteful and non-sustainable if homeowners have to do large amounts of water changes weekly in order to prevent the water from becoming cloudy and smelly.

At UrbanSeas®, our proprietary No Water Change™ technique can save you up to 600% of water compared to a normal aquarium tank. It combines and balances the natural filtering ability of certain plants, the workings of microscopic bacteria inside our distinctive biological, chemical and mechanical filtration system, and the seemingly useless by-products of the fish to create a delicately balanced eco-system; in which algae will not form to cloud the water or grow on the plants, and the water remains crystal-clear.

Tank Frame

Our aquariums for sale aren’t your everyday fish tanks and UrbanSeas® isn’t your typical aquarium shop. UrbanSeas®’ interior designers and craftsmen work with many different materials, including solid wood, crystal glass, stone, modern composites and many more. Every environment we design is crafted to suit another environment—yours.

We specialize in combining aesthetics with function by incorporating the aquarium tank frame as functional pieces of furniture to complement their lifestyles. We design and build fish tanks that serve a function like coffee tables, bookshelves, room dividers, dining tables, bars counters, TV consoles, shoe cabinets and other pieces of furniture. Perfect for any home and office décor! So now, instead of spending thousands of dollars on a designer coffee table, one can get a one-of-a-kind coffee table aquarium from UrbanSeas®!


As with any interior design, lighting is a crucial part of an UrbanSeas® world. It must harmonize with both the natural and artificial light in your space so that this aquatic world enhances yours by night and day.

Not only does the aquarium lighting play an aesthetic role, it is also necessary in helping the plants photosynthesize—an important process for plant growth.

The Moonlight effect, which simulates dusk and dawn, is also available as an option. It is automatically switched on after the Daylight is turned off; and the lovely part is that automatic timers, which can be adjusted to the exact timings you desire, control these lights.