Welcome to UrbanSeas

UrbanSeas® aims to fit perfectly in sync with our hectic schedules and in any home and office décor. To stay relevant to the needs of our busy clients, UrbanSeas® invests in continual research towards creating ecologically balanced and low maintenance systems that can be sustained with as little help from us as possible. As we like to say: you don't do the cleaning, the fish will do it for you.

Our beautifully lush aquascapes filled with our eye catching selection of fish and plants, save precious resources by using UrbanSeas®' No Water Changeā„¢ Technique. It combines and balances the natural filtering ability of certain plants to create a delicately balanced eco-system; in which algae will not form to cloud the water or grow on the plants, and the water remains crystal-clear.

In fact, some schools use UrbanSeas®' aquariums as an interactive edutainment tool so that the students can learn by experiencing for themselves what goes on in a balanced aquatic ecosystem. Using our fish tanks, Science topics such as interdependence, the nitrogen cycle, pond habitat, photosynthesis, plant propagation, fish reproduction and many others can be taught in a lively and interesting manner